Pacific Heights Therapist

Pacific Heights Therapist

San Francisco therapist, Derron Santin, M.F.T. of Pacific Heights specializes in helping Individuals and Couples make new and positive changes in their lives.

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Individual Therapy

Are you ready for a change? You want more out of life? I can help.

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Now is the time to make the most of your life.

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Couples Therapy

Experience the excitement change can generate in your relationship.

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Therapy for Men

Move into your authenticity and truth.

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Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, grief, trauma or other issue in your life? I can help.

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Derron Santin, M.F.T.

Pacific Heights of San Francisco Therapist

Therapits Derron Santin MFT of San Francisco Pacific HeightMy philosophy is that everyone deserves help to move more freely in their life, without the burden of past pain or trauma. Psychotherapy can help us resolve the inner pain we have been carrying and avoiding. It can release us from struggles that keep us guarded and defensive, and can lead us to live more freely, more consciously, and to make the best choices for ourselves. When we are aware of what choices are best for us, we can act in ways that help us grow. We become aware of our natural gifts. We can put an end to the struggle of trying to become something other than who we are. We can live with more spontaneity, let love in, and rest in the fact that we are enough. When this happens, we find that we are no longer alone.

Sometimes, things that happened to us long ago affect the way we function today. Past hurts, loss, troubling events, painful relationships, and trauma create in us the need to protect ourself; but with defensiveness we become less authentic. Often, the way we protect ourselves prevents us from experiencing more fulness in relationships, reduces our capacity to achieve more in life, and reduces our value. From this place it can feel like we have few choices available to us. With the right help, we begin to know and care more for ourselves. Struggles become more manageable. We feel empowered to move more swiftly through problematic situations that come up in our life.

Specific areas I can help you with include: finding more satisfaction from relationships; changing patterns that prevent you from enjoying intimacy; helping men define their own sense of masculinity; people in mid and late-middle life find new meaning and creativity; moving through trauma; setting boundaries and respecting your own limits; finding relief from depression and anxiety; and recognizing your value.

Getting Started

Wondering how I can help you? Contact me if you have questions about how I can help, what our work might look like together, or other concerns you might have. Often I can help with topics other than my specialties Quite frequently people who come to see me end up doing deep and meaningful work on issues other than those mentioned on this page.

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