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Therapist Derron Santin of San FranciscoLike many others at the beginning of their journey, I found myself abandoning my deepest truth and placing more emphasis on others than on myself. After untangling that, I began living more authentically and connected to my needs. From the resulting clarity, I discovered the greatest joy and appreciation in life comes from becoming more of you. So many choices we make aren't based on true alignment, but are made in defense of wounding, or from unconsciously repeating harmful patterns; things may change on the outside, but not where it counts. I believe in what happens when you commit to yourself. I not only offer this, I've lived it.

I'm fascinated by how we form, engage in, avoid, and long for connection with others. Only by coming from an authentic place in our heart can we enter relationships with flexibility, strength, openness, and trust. If this seems out of reach for you, if you are stuck, feeling flat, or tired of trying so hard on your own, our work together will help shift your perspective so you can make choices from a place of openness and trust. Helping reduce suffering comes naturally to me. I have a gift for sensing things in others they might not be aware of themselves, and an intuitive feel for what is called for in any given moment. Together we will find your path towards the strength and wisdom within you, and create real and lasting change.

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